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New Artwork for my Spring Collection

I'm still here, and I'm  still creating artwork, believe it or not! Life has been challenging with my husband's busy schedule related to his doctoral program as well as his teaching and just regular life obstacles/obligations. Here are some of my selections for my next collection. I still need to select a few more...which is easier said than done when one's library is enormous. I consider 17,000+ images from which to choose to be enormous, but maybe that's just me. ;)
floral photos

©2014 Pamela Reynoso

  I have a show coming up in the beginning of April and these prints were made early for it as I had to allow time for framing and any unforeseen problems. Unforeseen problems tend to arise, and arise they did! What I find fun about these prints is that they are all photographed on the same day and at the same place- the Berkeley Rose Garden in Berkeley, CA. It is not uncommon when I go out to have only a handful of photos that I really like, and perhaps one or two from those initial picks will be fully edited and printed in proof form for further consideration. Here, I have a total of six that made the cut. It made me happy, indeed, and that day is certainly considered a success in my book. That day was also my 21st wedding anniversary, so I consider it a success in several ways! :) Now- off I must go to dig in the archives and locate about four more candidates. Wish me luck! ~Pamela :) P.S. - You will find me on Google+ helping to moderate the Landscape Photography community (Macro and Details). I also post regularly a wider variety of my images on my Pamela Reynoso Fine Art page on G+ as well.

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