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About Photographer Pamela Reynoso :

Hello! :)

Photo by: GwyneMark Photography, Destin, FL

I have been married to my high school sweetheart and best friend for 20 years. Together we have five children- two boys and three girls- ranging in age from 22 down to 7 years old and we have recently found ourselves walking down the roads of ADHD, as well as ASD. At this point I find myself looking up to three of my children with another following closely. My husband is 6'5" whereas I'm only about 5'. I joke that I had to marry up to save my gene pool. ~smile~ If you could see my extended family, you would understand. ;) I now live with four voice-activated step ladders and it's great! I love to sing! I especially enjoy singing with those who know how to harmonize,  it's a feeling of pure joy that I can't express.  I also love brownies (no frosting please!) and crispy peanut butter cookies... perhaps just a little too much... ;) I was raised in and near the beautiful Central Valley of northern California where I also met  my husband. In 1998 our family of four moved from my in-law’s 30 acre ranch where we had lived for two years to the heart of Brooklyn, New York to allow my husband to pursue his art education. I vividly recall looking out the airplane window and quietly observing the city brilliantly lit-up as we circled John F. Kennedy airport awaiting our turn to land. It was so magnificent it took my breath away.  In fact, I think it took me about six months to catch my breath and adjust to this entirely new way of living as a pedestrian in a city of 8 million! My husband likens our time in NYC to the story line in the movie "Sabrina". It was in Paris that Sabrina 'found herself' and it was in NYC that we did, both as a couple and as individuals. I found that the magnificent museums and galleries one can find there awaken one's inborn creativity and help hone ones artistic eye simply by virtue of being exposed to the very culture and all that the city offers. Of course, being married to an artist is helpful as well. :) The simple act of walking through the city enlivens the senses in numerous ways from hearing the  multiple accents and tongues which creates a rich melody for the ear as one walks down the street,  to the breathtaking architecture that surrounds everyday life.  It was while living in NYC that I began to see the world differently and it was in that magnificent city that my love for photography began to blossom and I began the never-ending process of capturing the beauty I see all around me. We have also lived in central Louisiana for five years before coming back 'home' to San Francisco's north bay. I often joke that I have lived coast to coast and was then 'plunked'  smack in the middle. ~smile~ I moved to both Brooklyn and the deep south sight-unseen. Both locations proved to be educational in many ways. I have enjoyed becoming familiar with different cultures and meeting the great variety of  people that have crossed my path as well as collecting some treasured forever-friends that I would not trade for the world. I am really loving being back in my home state and  living, again, in the beautiful area of my childhood. I believe in investing in things bigger than myself and giving back. You will find me volunteering in one of the largest communities on Google+ , the "Landscape Photography Community" where I help moderate the Macro and Details section as well as the Critiques section of the community. I also volunteer every year with Help-Portrait where photographers, make-up artists and many others work together to provide portraits for those who would not otherwise be able to afford our services. Life is not about what we get, but about what we can give, in my opinion.   ~Pamela :) Follow me on Google+!