Artist Statement

It is through photography that I celebrate life and the beauty that can be found throughout it. Sometimes the beauty is obvious. But at other times, it can be elusive forcing one to be still, contemplate, and then actively search for the quiet beauty that is surely present. Day to day life is busy and it can be messy. As a mother, my days can swing wildly between calm and chaos with little warning. Quietly contemplating my surroundings as I go about my daily activities, even in the mundane tasks, allows me to reconnect with beauty and solace, even amidst the chaos. The sculptor Constantin Brancusi said “Simplicity is complexity resolved.”  I strive for simplicity in my photography. Maintaining simplicity and visual interest is a dance between composition, vision, and technique - choosing which portions to subtract and which to retain. In my studio work, I enjoy merging the artistic traditions of still-life and portraiture with my floral subjects. We are accustomed to seeing flowers as part of a whole, be it a landscape or a bouquet. I seek to celebrate the intricate beauty of the individual subject.   Dahlia photo in black and whitePhoto of a purple Irisphoto of a red rose