As Easter Fades… a macro photo of an Easter Lily

That I have an affinity for floral photography can’t be missed…by anyone. ;)

Flowers draw me in via their quiet beauty, elegant curves and profusion of colors. I am a self-proclaimed sucker for color. I have seen floral photos turned to black and white which I really like, but I have been unable as of yet to actually show any photos I have processed that way. Nothing speaks to me quite like the vibrancy of color, line, and the intersection of the two. No two flowers are alike, so the potential is endless. ~happy dance~

Easter, to me, represents hope, joy, and a newness of life. I have spent the last few days photographing Easter Lily’s as they are in bloom everywhere.  I enjoy their elegant trumpet shape, the play of the yellow stamen against the winter white of their petals…and their heavenly fragrance. I will warn you- after a few hours photographing in close proximity when two or more flowers are opened… the fragrance becomes quite heady and intoxicating!

A prior session informed the composition of the shot below. I had a single shot with a similar composition and a different depth of field and I decided to explore it a bit more. I had also noticed that as the flower was a few days old, the petals were thinning, showing the substructure of delicate veins. I loved the subtle intricacy and wanted to capture it. I had recently seen a photo of a tulip turned black and white in stunning fashion and the photographer had noted that his decision to remove color was to highlight the textures that develop in older flowers as the color fades in intensity. If I could recall who the photographer was, I’d try to link a photo…

There is a form of beauty that comes with age. Our culture seems to be fixated on a simplified definition of beauty: beauty=youth. I quite disagree that beauty is held only by the youthful. There is the beauty of youth, certainly, but beauty can transform over time, or even arrive more fully at a later time.  As youth fades and delicate character lines begin to appear, just below the surface there is an attractiveness, easily spotted by those who are not fixated on the youthful definition of beauty. Beauty that is not unscathed by time nor elements, but is beautiful nonetheless.


Easter Lily macro photo

“As Easter Fades…” by Pamela Reynoso

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