Become a Patron


Artists have relied on the support of patrons throughout time. It is no different today. But today we do have the Patreon website to help us connect with our patrons. Pamela and Rondall’s Patreon page allow fans of our art and writing to support our work on a monthly basis. Our patrons will receive a variety of benefits, based on level of support, including:

  • Our tremendous Gratitude!
  • Patron Credit on our blog at
  • Access to our stream on
  • A thank you card featuring one of Pamela’s photos.
  • An invitation to a monthly patrons only Google Hangout with Pamela and Rondall.
  • 8″ x 12″ unlimited edition print of one of Pamela’s photos.
  • A copy of our annually produced patrons poster.
  • Discounts on Pamela or Rondall’s artwork.
  • Apply Patreon support toward the purchase of artwork.
  • An invitation to an annual patrons dinner we will hold in a city within an hour of our home which at this time would be San Francisco. Location subject to change should we move.
  • An Invitation to an annual patrons art weekend- What exactly we will do on that weekend and where it will be will be decided in consultation with patrons. Patrons would cover travel and hotel while we cover the cost of activities.

For complete details explore our Patreon Page!