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dew drop on a blade of grass

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve recently become a contributor to the educational photography site, Visual Wilderness. I have followed Visual Wilderness for years and have appreciated the practical and helpful content.


I invite you to read my first contribution by clicking here: 5 Steps for Better Image Management and Protection . In the post I discuss a few basic best practices that could help save the reader from a lot of headache in the future.


If you sign up for my mailing list you will be able to download a special PDF I have created that will walk you through the process (step-by-step) of registering your images with the US Copyright Office. It’s not as intuitive as it could be!


~Pamela :)

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A Rolling Hills Sunset | photo

rolling hills sunset in northern California

Rolling Hills Sunset

What I love about this Rolling Hills Sunset image is the spread of colors from clear blue to a simmering orange. Every sunset is different, each one a new gift. Most mornings you will find me peeking out the window as the sun rises if I’m not outside photographing and just taking a moment to be thankful for and appreciate the beauty that comes to me twice a day. It’s worth celebrating!


~Pamela :)



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Finished… Vineyard Sunset

vineyard wires at sunset



During the growing season, these wires support the canopy (or vines and leaves) as the grapes are maturing. On this day I was out in the vineyards, the light had pretty much left and I looked around before packing up and saw what I thought was a beautiful silhouette with a stunning sunset as the backdrop.


~Pamela :)

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California Poppies

field of orange poppies

California Poppies 1

Last Spring I climbed a rather steep hillside to get this image of California Poppies. We have been getting a *ton* of rain here in Northern CA which is filling our reservoirs and alleviating a lot of concern over yet another dry winter. I am quite happily entertaining the thought of  numerous hillsides such as this one carpeted with California Poppies and Lupine. I can’t wait!




Prints and Licensing available. Please use the contact form for inquiries and provide the image name “CA Poppies 1”.

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Merlot Vineyard – Autumn Delight

A photo of a Merlot vineyard in the fall

“Autumn Delight”

I just love this fall image of a Merlot vineyard in the fall. There are about an equal amount of leaves on the ground as there are still clinging to the vines. The deep reds, the soft oranges, the lines of the vines and their gnarly branches …they are all things of beauty.

~Pamela :)

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Winter Merlot Vineyard Photo

winter vineyard image with cover crops



This is one of my all time favorite vineyard images- the light was just perfect! I don’t think this is the type of image one would expect for a winter image of a vineyard-  this was taken in January. You can see the cover crops that were planted around October have become well established and are flourishing. The vineyards have lost their leaves and are dormant, beginning their winter rest. 

I can just see the loving care these well-tended vineyards receive in this image. Farming is hard work, but it is also beautiful work.

The cover crop on the left is red clover, and on the right is peas. These are plowed under just as the vines are waking up from their dormant state in order to provide much the beneficial nitrogen and other nutrients to the vines.


~Pamela :)

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Mellow Malbec Vineyard

malbec vineyard at sunrise

Mellow Morning © 2016 Pamela Reynoso


Every morning I get up to photograph the sunrise is gamble. I never know if the sunrise will explode with color or fizzle out. This morning it did neither. Instead, I was met with a soft, yet intense light in those few moments when the sun is above the horizon yet below the cloud cover and it just captivated me.



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Vineyard Photographer: Suisun Valley Winter Collection

merlot vineyard shoot

Being a vineyard photographer in the winter months has it’s challenges, like getting your boots so deeply mired in mud that you literally walk right out of them, while trying your best to stay upright while trying desperately to keep your gear out of the muck. True story, it happened. Once. I’m very happy to report that gear never came close to the mud. :)

We are so accustomed to seeing images of beautifully colored grapes hanging on the vines ready for harvest, or beautiful rows of vines adorned with fall colors, but the winter vineyard has a beauty all it’s own. One can see the elegant lines of the dormant vines, the cover crops such as peas, mustard, and beautiful red clover begin to grow, the light takes on a different quality and the vineyard photographer learns to see, yet again. One becomes a student of the vineyard, yet again looking for the beautiful moments in an entirely different landscape that has changed drastically in a short time. And then, before you know it, it changes yet again for bud break.

I hope you enjoy this winter collection of vineyard photos taken in the beautiful Suisun Valley in California’s wine country.

Click here to see the collection: Winter 2016 Collection

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One Year of Photography in Suisun Valley Vineyards

vineyard, wine, wine grapes, Suisun Valley, California, vineyard photographer

Today, I celebrate one year of photography of Suisun Valley vineyards! The Suisun Valley borders the Napa Valley and is in the heart of California’s wine country. Napa Valley gets a lot of attention, but the Suisun Valley vineyards should certainly not be forgotten. Though the Suisun Valley is only about eight miles long, it has a beauty all it’s own along with several microclimates that make it ideal for the cultivation of several different varieties of wine grapes.

I’ve known about the Suisun Valley for most of my life as I lived in nearby Fairfield for a good portion of my childhood. It was with great surprise that after living in NYC and Louisiana I found myself moving back with my own family 31 years after I left. When I moved away, I left with the eyes of a child, but when I returned, I had the eyes and perspective of a photographer. I had fond memories of the gently rolling golden hills covered in oak trees, but I quickly realized that the child in me had failed to truly appreciate the unique beauty of this area. I was bound and determined to remedy that to the best of my ability.

At one point after moving back, I shared a frustration with a friend of mine: the area was gorgeous with many places I wanted to photograph (including vineyards) but the land was privately owned and I was not going to go exploring without permission. As fortune would have it, my friend Sharon happened to be longtime friends with the family who owned the oldest winery in the valley and introduced me. From that introduction, I was taken on a tour of the vineyards and given permission to roam and photograph to my heart’s content. I was so excited! Now, I could finally access the beauty that had been just beyond my reach.

I have photographed all four seasons in the vineyards including harvest, documenting the workers among the vines, grape pressing, even the bottling process. Do you have any idea how much vineyard work is done by hand? The answer is most of it. I had no idea … and my respect for those who work the land (both for the owners and their employees) has only grown. A lot of very hard work goes into each and every glass of wine you enjoy.

To date, I have taken eighty one trips out to the vineyards and my library holds over 14,000 of the images I have taken. This post includes three images from my very first trip out to the vineyards. My hope is to create a book that documents the the beauty of Suisun Valley vineyards throughout the seasons. It’s quite an undertaking and will take some time to compile and organize, but I’m looking forward to it!

wine grape leaves in Suisun Valley vineyards, California wine country, vineyard photographer


This year has certainly been an exercise in determination. I can’t count how many times I had to force myself out of bed well before sunrise or cook dinner for my family, grab my gear and run out the door to catch sunset – which could turn out to be totally awesome, or a fizzling non-event. To document the moods and growth stages of the wine grapes and vines one must consistently show up and I could not have done it without the unfailing support of my husband. At times, the year seems to have flown by and at others (mostly when I’m tired)  it has felt like it’s dragging on forever. In all, though, I have immensely enjoyed being a vineyard photographer.

Speaking of sunsets, the photo below was taken one year ago today on the very first day of this adventure. It was one of the most spectacular sunsets I’ve seen from the vineyards, and trust me,  I’ve seen a lot of them.

sunset photo in Suisun Valley vineyards, California vineyard photographer,


I had to scramble onto the roofrack of my car in order to clear the grapevines and create the above image… something I had to sheepishly admit to my husband when I called asking him to come and rescue me. Thank goodness my phone was in my pocket because it would have been a very long walk home!


~Pamela :)

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Before and After Landscape Photo of a Quiet Vista

landscape photography, sunset, hills, sky, clouds, Fairfield, California

Quiet Vista


I don’t typically address the topic of “before and after” as it relates to photo editing, but I thought I’d take a minute now to do so. The idea for this blog post idea was precipitated by my involvement on Instagram. (You can find me on Instagram HERE.)

It’s not uncommon to run across people who post a lot of photos who also proudly declare that they don’t use Photoshop or edit images in any way. All well and good, and they are certainly entitled to treat their images as they prefer. I actually used to think in much the same way as those who eschew editing software. I figured a good photographer ought to be able to take an image correctly in camera and it should be able to stand on it’s own merits from there out. And it can happen, under the right conditions, to be sure. But rarely are we presented with perfect conditions. Nature is fickle. Continue reading »

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