Life is unpredictable…and so is the art of photography

vineyard sunrise

©2015 Pamela Reynoso

One thing the serious student of photography learns quickly, is that it's often an uncomfortable art. Rain, cold, heat, sleeplessness, fatigue, and sore muscles are all a part of it. We know that the most unpleasant weather can sometimes reap the most joyful images...and sometimes you lose the gamble you took by dragging yourself out of bed well before sunrise, travelling to your destination, and crossing your fingers in the hopes of encountering a majestic sunrise. Even when things look promising just before the sunrise...they can 'peter' out at any moment. This pain is especially poignant on the mornings when there is no solace to be found because the sunrise not what you'd hoped, AND you also managed to run out the door without your coffee. The pain is real. :) Photography takes dedication. On the morning I took this image, I had to talk myself out of bed. It'd been raining for about a day and a half... my bed was warm and I hate to be cold for no good reason! I knew that the chances the weather reports were wrong were decent. The forecast called for a break in the clouds about sunrise with a decent amount of rain to follow. Did I *really* want to drive 15 minutes for a maybe? Not really. In fact, I rarely ever want to. But on this morning I forced myself up because I knew, from experience, that if I did not and the sunset was wonderful, I'd regret it. Even as the sun was rising I was dubious. It didn't look very promising. I took my first uninspiring sunrise photo at 6:40 AM and the last, the one you see, at 6:47 AM. Just like that, sunrise came and went as the sun rose above the cloud layer and the sky turned back to gray and the rain began again.   ~Pamela :)
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Sunset in Suisun, California

Sunset in Suisun, CA

sunset wetlands photo

© 2015 Pamela Reynoso

A few days ago I totally missed a fabulous sunset because I had to do life...the things mothers do. Last night I made dinner, scarfed it down, grabbed my bag and ran even as the color was beginning to appear in the sky. I'm very fortunate to live close to several great locations and headed out to one of my favorites.  As I drove I was assessing the sky and comparing it to what I knew of this location in order to determine my stopping point. Time was short! As I drove I kept thinking "The clouds aren't really where I'd like them, and I'm too late, dangit!". After I had turned around to leave, this scene caught my eye. Time was very limited so I took only about four photos before the light ... was gone. I grew up here and left for over 20 years. Upon returning I vowed to myself not to take this beautiful place, with its distinct smell of wetlands and licorice, for granted. As I was editing this photo, I puzzled over how to crop it...or not. When I get stuck between decisions and determine that I would benefit from the insight of another artist, I don't have to go far.  I'm very fortunate to be able to call upon my husband who is an artist and professor of art and ask his input. It's totally awesome! Sometimes, two heads are certainly much better than one. :) ~Pamela :)
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My Magical Journey through The Arcanum

My Magical Journey through The Arcanum

sunset landscape photo

© 2015 Pamela Reynoso All Rights Reserved

Life is hard and often unforgiving. It’s filled with uncertainty and misgivings…but sometimes, magic happens when you least expect it. I began taking photography seriously as art and as a form of self-expression in 2010 when I purchased my first DSLR which I had little clue how to actually use. I began the process of self- educating not only on how to use the camera, but also in the art of photography in general. I spent copious hours reading, hours researching, hours watching tutorials. It seemed as though each new nugget of information led me yet deeper into the secrets and mystery that was photography. As soon as I felt I had a grasp of one aspect, another related topic would surface that needed further research and study. Being married to a practicing fine artist and Professor of Art was also a valuable asset in my journey, as was my own past experiences in art classes.  My husband’s trained eye looking at my work and his useful critiques were incredibly beneficial as were our many trips to galleries and art shows over the previous years. We would constantly discuss what was good, or lacking, in any pieces of art we would happen across. With these resources I was off and running. I had no idea where I was running to…but I was off nonetheless! Having spent the previous decade raising and homeschooling my five children, self-directed learning was something I understood and valued.  Photography became a quiet spot in my day-to-day life. It allowed me to enter my own contemplative world away from the demands of a large family even if I went only so far as my own backyard. In 2011 our family entered a sea of uncertainty, and not coincidentally amidst that uncertainty, the pursuit of my chosen art form picked up steam. In 2012, we family moved from our home of five years back to California and my husband entered a PhD program.  All of our children entered public school that year, except for our preschooler who entered the following year. During this time, my pursuit of photography continued. As I began familiarizing myself with contemporary photographers, Varina Patel stood out. Her beautiful work resonated with me and her informative blog posts had helped to guide me.

The Arcanum is Born

In the spring of 2014, I began hearing about a new learning community through Trey Ratcliff’s Google+ posts, the community was called The Arcanum. I considered applying, but I really wasn’t sure. Then I saw that Varina Patel was going to be a Master. I watched her introductory Meet the Master video and I decided to actually apply, thinking that perhaps I’d be picked by someone at some point down the line. If I was lucky. Within weeks I received an invitation from a Master to be an Apprentice in what turned out to be the very first cohort…the invitation was from none-other than Varina Patel! I was shocked and elated. I could not hit “Accept” fast enough! It was a most fortunate turn of events in my life. Continue reading »
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New Artwork for my Spring Collection

I'm still here, and I'm  still creating artwork, believe it or not! Life has been challenging with my husband's busy schedule related to his doctoral program as well as his teaching and just regular life obstacles/obligations. Here are some of my selections for my next collection. I still need to select a few more...which is easier said than done when one's library is enormous. I consider 17,000+ images from which to choose to be enormous, but maybe that's just me. ;)
floral photos

©2014 Pamela Reynoso

  I have a show coming up in the beginning of April and these prints were made early for it as I had to allow time for framing and any unforeseen problems. Unforeseen problems tend to arise, and arise they did! What I find fun about these prints is that they are all photographed on the same day and at the same place- the Berkeley Rose Garden in Berkeley, CA. It is not uncommon when I go out to have only a handful of photos that I really like, and perhaps one or two from those initial picks will be fully edited and printed in proof form for further consideration. Here, I have a total of six that made the cut. It made me happy, indeed, and that day is certainly considered a success in my book. That day was also my 21st wedding anniversary, so I consider it a success in several ways! :) Now- off I must go to dig in the archives and locate about four more candidates. Wish me luck! ~Pamela :) P.S. - You will find me on Google+ helping to moderate the Landscape Photography community (Macro and Details). I also post regularly a wider variety of my images on my Pamela Reynoso Fine Art page on G+ as well.
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Every artist needs an Artist Statement, apparently even me.

My husband has been goading me about writing an artist statement forever a while now. See, he's been doing this whole art thing a lot longer than I have and when he needs to write somethings he's on it and done. Once he gets to it, anyways. ;) As for me, well, my fingers may as well have been duct taped together at the very thought of composing a statement. I hemmed and hawed and secretly wished my husband would just drop it because writing one sounded painful. (I don't enjoy pain.) How could one possibly be expected to make sense of the many swirling emotions and thoughts that encompasses their art and the creation of it? It was ok for others, but not for me. Uh-uh. Not as long as I could help it. And then... We were approached about the possibility of a joint exhibition- my husband's paintings and my photography. It was both exciting and frightening all wrapped up together! Now, I'd been married to an artist long enough to know what that meant. It meant that I was going to have to do what I tell my kids to do all the time...suck it up. ~sigh~ Below is the result of that pressure effort. I've also been married to an artist long enough to know that over time my statement will morph and change, but for now, this is where I find myself dwelling creatively.  

dahlia macro photo black and white


by Pamela Reynoso

"It is through photography that I celebrate life and the beauty that can be found throughout it. Sometimes the beauty is obvious. But at other times, it can be elusive forcing one to be still, contemplate, and then actively search for the quiet beauty that is surely present. Day to day life is busy and it can be messy. As a mother, my days can swing wildly between calm and chaos with little warning. Quietly contemplating my surroundings as I go about my daily activities, even in the mundane tasks, allows me to reconnect with beauty and solace, even amidst the chaos. The sculptor Constantin Brancusi said “Simplicity is complexity resolved.”  I strive for simplicity in my photography. Maintaining simplicity and visual interest is a dance between composition, vision, and technique - choosing which portions to subtract and which to retain. In my studio work, I enjoy merging the artistic traditions of still-life and portraiture with my floral subjects. We are accustomed to seeing flowers as part of a whole, be it a landscape or a bouquet. I seek to celebrate the intricate beauty of the individual subject."     Warmly~ Pamela :)
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May this next year, like a sunset, fill you with wonder, gratitude, and joy

Wishing you a Happy New Year!!

California ocean sunset photo

I don't post many sunsets as I don't get to see them often, but ... I love them and I especially love the ones taken at the edge of the Pacific Ocean as this one was. I adore the ocean and it never ceases to fill me with wonder and amazement. To me, each sunset is a masterpiece in it's own right. Some knock my socks off in wonder, all of them fill me with the simple joy that comes from watching the colors wrap the sky like a great big gift as I sit enthralled by the majestic turning of another day into night. On this New Year's Eve my wish for you is that this next year fill you with wonder, gratitude and joy! If you find them lacking- may I suggest, at sunset, you just take a step outside and look up. :) All the best~ Pamela :)
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The Ocean is Calling…

ocean and rock formation photo

Gateway to Your Future © 2013 Pamela Reynoso All Rights Reserved

    The ocean is calling...can't you hear it? I just adore the ocean, I always have.

There is an interesting mix of  tranquility and excitement that just washes over me when I am near the sea.

  I am drawn to the rhythm of the waves, to the sound of the surf, to the awesome power that is below- a surging strength that is not as visible to the eye as it is felt. On this particular trip I stood behind a group of rocks as waves crashed against them, thinking they were a barrier between me and the ocean when a rogue wave came and nearly took me with it as it's power returned to the sea. Despite that experience, I find the ocean to be invigorating and mysterious. I love to bask in it's presence, enjoying the sight, sounds and the smell of the salty air. Continue reading »
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A Portrait of a Dahlia: Dancing in Black and White

I titled this photo " A Portrait of a Dahlia: Dancing in Black and White" to address the two significant themes I saw. First, I love taking portraits of flowers and look for them wherever I go. You have to catch it at just the right moment as flowers bloom and fade in quick succession. Second, both the gentle fading light and the soft  turns of the petals reminded me of a elegant ballroom dance much like one would see if they watched a dance between Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers.   Dahlia macro photo in black and white This particular Dahlia was located outside of the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. I was originally in the city for a photo walk. I enjoy taking part in them as it allows me to meet and get to know a variety of interesting people who share my love of all manner of photography. During lunch after the photo walk I spoke to a fellow photographer and she mentioned the Dahlias and told me roughly where they were.

From that point forward, I was on a mission to find these beautiful flowers.

When I travel a fair distance, I do so with all the gear necessary for what I am generally drawn to photograph because I never know what opportunities will come my way, so I was very glad to have my tripod and other needed  items with me. After a little hunting, and asking for directions, we found the Dahlias. I was in heaven (and perhaps also in a state of sensory overload). I could not believe my good fortune! My husband who is my travel companion knew the rest of the day was shot, so to speak. ;) On this day I was blessed with the gentle light of the late afternoon and a fabulous overcast sky which made floral photography so much easier. Be on the lookout  for more Dahlias in the coming weeks! May you always be surrounded by beauty, ~Pamela :) Prints and licensing of images are always available.
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Beauty is…??

I love how in the world of flowers, beauty and imperfection can co-exist in such a comfortable manner. Actually, I guess it's that way in all of life. Without 'imperfection', can one really know beauty? And what is beauty anyways? The eye of the beholder holds the answer.  

fine art red rose macro photo

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Everything Is Coming Up Roses- Fine Art Rose Photos

I often struggle with what to write in this blog. Do I just show photos such as these fine art rose photos making it more of a visual experience? Or should I try to always include something interesting that somehow relates to the photos, perhaps tossing in a little wit here and there? In reality, I will probably move between all three, just don't expect me to write any original poetry. I gave that up with my last scholastic assignment on the topic. I enjoy writing, but a large part of writing is maintaining the discipline and setting aside the uninterrupted time to actually do it. :)

I'm working on that...really.

  Lately I have been enjoying a few of my rose photos. The one below was taken a few years ago. I decided I liked the idea of rain drops on rose petals for a photo and so I stuck the bouquet of roses my husband had given me outside just as it began to rain. Only it didn't just POURED. I love the unexpected reflection that resulted from the deluge.  A few days ago I pulled this photo out of my archives, tweaked the editing and changed the crop, and here is the result. I love being able to revisit older photos and re-invision them.

red rose fine art photo with water

  The two photos below were taken with this year's Valentine's Day roses that my husband (and favorite person on the planet) gave me. I love receiving flowers because they are like Disneyland held in my hand. I love the colors, textures, lines...everything. They make me happy. As I was selecting images for the show my husband and I  currently have installed in the Sacramento area, I ran across this pair of images. I really liked how they complemented each other side by side and decided to display them in this manner.

red rose fine art photo ©

  The photo below I just had printed for the first time in a 20x30 for the show and I adore it, so much so that I begged my chief photo-hanger extraordinaire (my husband) to hang it immediately after it was back from the framer so I could enjoy it for the two weeks before I had to take it to the show.

red rose fine art photo ©

I print all of my photos on metallic paper for the image crispness and rich colors it yields. The results are simply fantastic for these images! ~Pamela :)

All images on this site are ©2013 Pamela Reynoso and are available for purchase.

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