Floral Fine Art Prints- Living Large!

I have anxiously awaited a shipment of photos. A 26 lb, or so, shipment.


Have you ever received 26 pounds of photos?


Yeah- neither have I. I was excited. And nervous.

Did I mention I was excited??!

Have you ever heard the saying “Go big or go home”? Today I have an altogether new appreciation towards the application of that saying in my life.

Perhaps this photo will help explain my excitement?:

Large Floral Prints, flowers


I was so excited to pull these out of the box that I have not even looked at my 8×12 photos. Perhaps I should? In fact, I was so excited I could not wait until these large ones were framed to take their proper group photo. ;)

I had wanted to get some images printed large for a while, but with a move and a lot of changes in the last year, that desire took a back seat. A few months back my husband, who is a painter, and I were approached about the idea of having a joint show this September. Now, I’m very accustomed to my husband having shows and supporting him through the process. This? This is all new territory for me, personally. Now my husband is returning the support. In spades. He’s always been my biggest source of encouragement. I’m so very blessed!

(Don’t tell him this, but I kinda feel like I cheated…he’s the super talented artist with the respected art degree. Me? I’ve just been hanging around with him since our high school art class.)

My work encompasses more than floral fine art prints, but they have tranquility and beauty about them that I just can’t escape.

When winter encompasses the landscape and the flowers are no more, these images will help to keep spring in my heart as I imagine sitting in the warm sunshine which gives them life.



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A Fourth of July Tangent

Today I am taking a slight Fourth of July tangent and sharing a recent photo from San Francisco.

Happy 4th of July! I am thankful for the freedom we have and think of those who are hoping for theirs and those who gave anc continue to give so that others may benefit.

So this isn’t your typical 4th photo. I considered looking for an image on Google Images, and then I thought…I’m sure I have a photo or two with our flag in it.

This is one of my favorites from a recent trip into San Francisco. I just love this scene. It has flowers, architecture, fun reflections, and sleek elevated walkways. The bonus? It has not one, but TWO American flags.

I get a brownie for that, right? ;)

May you have a great day celebrating with family and friends! I’m looking forward to photographing fireworks later for the first time. :)

San Francisco garden photo American flag

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San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts Photos

San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts

“Sentry” at the San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts

 San Francisco Palace Of Fine Arts

As promised, here my first blog entry of the new collections featuring “Sentry”, one of my favorite photographs to date. I find the luscious blue and the deep gold irresistible! This is a single photo taken during the ‘blue hour’. The blue and the gold you see  have not been altered much beyond the standard requirements of a RAW digital file. Raw files typically require a bump in contrast and a few other things to get them as they were seen otherwise they lack dimension.

I am a fairly active member on Google+ and I love to participate in any photo related activity that I can. Many events take place in San Francisco proper and I enjoy travelling in even though I live a bit outside of  the city towards the edge of  the North Bay. This photo was taken at a “Drink ‘N Click” event where people use a local pub as a rendezvous point and then go from there to a previously selected place to make photographs.  I had been to the Palace of Fine Arts only once before for a brief time and was looking forward to this night time visit. with a group. I had seen photos and I wanted some of my own! :)


The photo below is another favorite. This particular event had an associated contest with ‘architecture’ as it’s theme. We were encouraged to look for unique perspectives as we were taking our photos. I wish I could say that I had that goal of a unique perspective in mind when taking this shot, but I didn’t. I was actually thinking of how it would demonstrate the sheer scale of the structure and how small people looked comparatively. In fact, I almost didn’t take this shot. It was getting late and we had to be going but I decided to kneel down, position my tripod, and take a quick shot. I hoped my G+ friends in the photograph stayed fairly still as I was again taking just a single six second exposure and didn’t want any blurring! I clicked the shutter button… and tried not the breathe. :)

Happily, this photo was one of about 18 finalists in the contest with I *think* well over 150 photos entered. Lesson learned? If you have an idea for a shot- take it, and apologize to your gem of a husband who was ready to go and has accompanied you on the venture.

I think he’s getting pretty accustomed to the photographer’s disease… “Just one more shot!” ;)

I think it was worth it, don’t you??

~Pamela :)


San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts

‘The Gilded Palace” San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts





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New Photo Collections Are Here!

The site has been updated with two new photo collections under the Galleries tab above- check them out!

 (More information on the image shown above will be  the topic of my next blog post. )

Two new photo collections have been added to the site, I’m excited to be able to show some of the newer images in my library. :) I plan from here forward to introduce a new photo collection every few months. They will consist of some of my favorite photos, and the subjects will range between floral photography to architecture, and points between. I may, at some point, decide to do themed collections. Continue reading »

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A Brief Photographic History: Processes

Below are six short, but informative videos by The George Eastman House in Rochester, NY on various  processes in photographic history beginning in 1814-1815. It covers the following processes and their place in the history and evolution of image making: the Daguerreotype, the Collodian Process, the Albumen Print, the Woodbury Type, the Platinum Print, and the most widely used Gelatin Silver Print.

From The George Eastman House International website:

George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film, the world’s oldest photography museum and one of the world’s oldest film archives, opened to the public in 1949 as an independent, non-profit museum. It combines the world’s leading collections of photography and film with the stately pleasures of the landmark Colonial Revival mansion and gardens that George Eastman called home from 1905 to 1932. The Museum is a National Historic Landmark. Mr. Eastman, the founder of Eastman Kodak Company, is heralded as the father of modern photography and motion picture film.

I am very grateful for all of these historical contributions! Continue reading »

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The value of humor in the life of the photographer

I’m greatly enjoying life back in California’s photographically rich environment and connecting with fellow photographers- they are a great bunch of people!

 It is said that laughter is the best medicine. It is in that vein that I submit the following. :)

I learned a few lessons on my first beach photo walk a few weeks back that might prove helpful should you find yourself with such an opportunity: Continue reading »

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The Westin St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco

In January my artist husband and I were able to spend a long awaited (by me!) day in San Francisco. I toted my gear as we gallery hopped around the city. You would think after living 6 years in NYC I would have been smart and would have worn sneakers on our outing. I didn’t. :/ Footwear has a way of fooling you about it’s actual comfort level. We walked from one side of the city to the other. For the record- next time I will not forget sneakers. Continue reading »

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As Easter Fades… a macro photo of an Easter Lily

That I have an affinity for floral photography can’t be missed…by anyone. ;)

Flowers draw me in via their quiet beauty, elegant curves and profusion of colors. I am a self-proclaimed sucker for color. I have seen floral photos turned to black and white which I really like, but I have been unable as of yet to actually show any photos I have processed that way. Nothing speaks to me quite like the vibrancy of color, line, and the intersection of the two. No two flowers are alike, so the potential is endless. ~happy dance~

Easter, to me, represents hope, joy, and a newness of life. I have spent the last few days photographing Easter Lily’s as they are in bloom everywhere.  I enjoy their elegant trumpet shape, the play of the yellow stamen against the winter white of their petals…and their heavenly fragrance. I will warn you- after a few hours photographing in close proximity when two or more flowers are opened… the fragrance becomes quite heady and intoxicating! Continue reading »

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It’s all about the light…a simple fine art photography studio set-up

Generally, when I’m seeking to photograph flowers and nature with fine art photography prints in mind, I shoot as I go. In other words, I do not shoot in a studio. I observe things as I go and I try to find those still moments in nature that might otherwise be obscured by the bigger picture. I try to practice the art of really seeing, trying to find the little, beautiful gems. Life is that way. I find it is composed of many gems hidden amongst the riff-raff of day to day living, the trick can be in finding them and then savoring them. It does not come easily and it takes a lot of practice. At least it does for me. It’s a way of thinking, a way of being. As with many things in life, one never fully arrives…

A few weeks back I bought some flowers for a personal photography project.I bought several varieties as I was unsure which idea I would settle on. I’m a woman and I like to have a choice! Variety is the spice of life, after all. :) Spring is just beginning here so finding flowers in their natural environment did not provide me with enough choices, or the right kind of options that I was looking for. Additionally, where my last backyard had many possibilities of things to photograph, I currently have a minuscule side yard with little in it.

Below is the simple set up I concocted in my dining room (photo taken with my iPhone). Continue reading »

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A Red Rose: “My love is not perfect…”

My Love Is Not Perfect…

This morning my wonderful husband ran to the store to get milk for the house before he left town as he will have the car all day. He took advantage of the opportunity and picked up a few things for the kids so they would have something when they arrived home from school (we are holiday slackers, I’m afraid).  When he returned he surprised me with some beautiful red roses. I adore flowers. :) Not only do they make me happy just looking at them, but they are instant fodder for new photos. I love making new images more than I love chocolate, even more than I adore brownies, and I think brownies are a food of the gods. :)
As soon as my husband left, I fed the 4yo, pulled out my camera and tripod and set to work. Breakfast could wait. Continue reading »

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