Of Locks and Love…

I love locks. I’m not entirely sure why, but I do.

My husband and I were out driving a few days ago in a large estuary near our house. Since I don’t have appropriate lenses to capture birds as I would like, I must  therefore amuse myself in others ways (and try not to be frustrated by “I wish I had…!” )

This row of padlocks on a gate intrigued me. Old and new, various shapes and sizes. I immediately fell in love with the patina and textures of the older locks. I only had my 18-55 and had to make due.

This photo was not the reason we pulled over initially- it was for an entirely different shot. Continue reading »

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A Re-Deux for a good cause- the Plus One Collection 2012

The following is my submission for the  PlusOneCollection 2012  as it is my top image from 2012 with a touch of additional editing.  The PlusOne Collection is a yearly fundraising charity campaign, where photographers on Google+ donate images for a worthy cause. This year the beneficiaries are to be the Kenyan Maasai people group. The collection is curated and only select images will be chosen out of hundreds submitted. I’m hoping this will be one of them. :) Continue reading »

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The Defining Tulip

In between our second and third children our family moved to New York City for my husband’s undergraduate and graduate Fine Art education. NYC is a fantastic place to live for anyone interested in either fine or performing arts. Time spent with my husband visiting galleries and museums and being totally immersed in the creative realm were some of my favorite activities. They were not, however, without some tension, I must admit. My husband would constantly gravitate towards the paintings and sculpture galleries whereas I’d gravitate towards the photography displays, dragging him begrudgingly behind me.

In relation to my photography, one day stands out to me above all others- the day my passion was ignited. I was leaving Prospect Park in Brooklyn with my three children (no, not on the ritzy end!) and we stopped to look at a bed of red tulips that beckoned us. I adore tulips and they were a novelty to me as they did not grow readily in the climate of my childhood. I immediately noticed a tulip that was not only red- it was also half yellow. I had never seen such a thing! My older two children begged me to take a picture. I said no at first because, well, I didn’t want to look like a tourist. ~smile~ But, they were insistent and I finally relented.  That photograph, though not perfect nor even composed well, found its way into a frame rather quickly and today hangs in my kitchen. It was at that point that the mundane ritual of recording our family’s daily events took a turn towards the passionate. I now recognize it as my defining moment. Continue reading »

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‘Haven’ a white rose with shades of eternity


Haven   © Pamela Reynoso 2012


A dear friend (78 yo)  passed away less than 24 hours before I edited this photo from his second battle with cancer. He was a fabulous friend and always a source of encouragement and hands-on-help when at all possible. When anyone needed help, be it extra hands or getting cargo of any sort from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ in NYC, he and his big red Ford truck were at the ready, even if it required re-arranging his schedule. Everyone learned *very* quickly to never, EVER call his vehicle a ‘car’ or else they’d be swiftly set straight! :)

I think Walt and his trusty truck helped our family move no less than 5 times as well as helping we pedestrians with numerous airport runs and anything requiring a vehicle in day to day life in the big city. Walt was the last person to leave our sides, I think it was at least 10PM,  as we were loading up and leaving NYC  on our move back to CA.

There is a subtle, unseen and inescapable, thread in my life that will forever remind me of  Walt, beyond the wonderful, giving person he was. He shared the same birthday as my sister (which also marks the day my dear Mother-In-Law lost her second battle with cancer) and his funeral took place the day before my own birthday (12/10, which is also the day my MIL was first officially diagnosed with cancer).

Walt signed every written communication with “In HIS Grip-” and now he rests, ever in His presence. I am certain Walt heard the phrase “Well done!” as a good a faithful servant.

I have no doubt the courts of heaven are rejoicing at Walt’s presence! We who are left are wiping our tears… and cherishing dear memories.


This is titled ‘Haven’, in remembrance of Walt. The pure white rose is lit perfectly to reflect the true nature of the flower just as Christ’s light lit Walt and shone through him and his unceasing acts of  love and service  towards others.

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Evening Blush- floral photography

Evening Blush ©Pamela Reynoso 2012

I walk by the bush on which this rose grew each weekday as I walk my children to and from school.  It grows in a narrow strip planter on the edge of the blacktop which provides the background in this image.  I had to work a bit to get just the right angle for the shot to show the rose, yet also avoid the red curb at  the far edge of the blacktop. My goal was to  try and capture not only the beauty of the soft light, but also the delicate, almost whimsical edges of the rose petals with their gentle pink blush. Many of the roses have pink splotches, but this one had an almost imperceptible blushing to it which I drew my eye.

Everyday, when the sun begins to set, it  reflects off of the row of neutral colored houses that are beside this bush providing a gentle wash of warm, lovely light. I very much enjoy looking for these fleeting moments which floral photography provides. There is a stillness and serenity that draws me into it where I can forget about life’s demands and just be….

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Quiet Hope, the unassuming Primrose

Quiet Hope, the unassuming Primrose

One day, not long ago we decided to take our children to the nearby park with lake, playground…and dozens of waterfowl.  We had not yet had the opportunity to explore this park in our new town. The children ran off immediately with my husband following them to enjoy the novelty of the duck and geese as well as playing on the playground.

It took me a little longer to make my way across the park to the playground. It usually does when I have my camera in tow. ;)

I enjoy looking for the small moments in time that are fleeting. This little beauty was nestled in the grass at water’s edge.  I’m sure many walked past it and thought nothing of it. After all, it’s just a common weed.
I see hope. The hope of a new day to come with more beauty to bestow upon the careful observer. It is quiet, and it is small, just as hope can be. It’s beauty is evident as the sun graces the delicate petals with a last kiss of light before nightfall. Hope is like that. It is quiet, yet determined. It is delicate, yet unassuming. It may leave, but it comes again.


The blue you see is not a backdrop, but rather the reflection of the sky in the water of the lake. As with any RAW file there have been a few small adjustments to bring the vibrancy of the color back to what the eye saw at the time of the capture.




~Pamela~ :)

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Center Stage- day lily

This photo of a lily, titled Center Stage,  is one of my favorites. All that was needed to discover this beauty was to walk out into my backyard. I find it amazing that there is no dog nose in the photo as my dog thinks he must be mere inches from me at all times! I must tell you that I do not naturally lean towards orange or oranges, that is unless, of course,  they are of the eating kind. :)

I have grown to love the oranges found in nature, and especially in the lily and other such flowers,  for their vibrancy and the life they impart to any scene. I love how the orange in this image plays off of the deep green in the background and even the deep brown in the flower’s pistils. The pistils and even the shading of orange add touches of elegance as does the intricate detail of the pollen granules.

As we edge into winter, may this photo add warmth to your day and joy to your heart as you anticipate the arrival of the warm spring sun.




~Pamela~ :)

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