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Center Stage- day lily

This photo of a lily, titled Center Stage,  is one of my favorites. All that was needed to discover this beauty was to walk out into my backyard. I find it amazing that there is no dog nose in the photo as my dog thinks he must be mere inches from me at all times! I must tell you that I do not naturally lean towards orange or oranges, that is unless, of course,  they are of the eating kind. :) I have grown to love the oranges found in nature, and especially in the lily and other such flowers,  for their vibrancy and the life they impart to any scene. I love how the orange in this image plays off of the deep green in the background and even the deep brown in the flower's pistils. The pistils and even the shading of orange add touches of elegance as does the intricate detail of the pollen granules. As we edge into winter, may this photo add warmth to your day and joy to your heart as you anticipate the arrival of the warm spring sun. Enjoy!     ~Pamela~ :)

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