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Life is unpredictable…and so is the art of photography

vineyard sunrise

©2015 Pamela Reynoso

One thing the serious student of photography learns quickly, is that it's often an uncomfortable art. Rain, cold, heat, sleeplessness, fatigue, and sore muscles are all a part of it. We know that the most unpleasant weather can sometimes reap the most joyful images...and sometimes you lose the gamble you took by dragging yourself out of bed well before sunrise, travelling to your destination, and crossing your fingers in the hopes of encountering a majestic sunrise. Even when things look promising just before the sunrise...they can 'peter' out at any moment. This pain is especially poignant on the mornings when there is no solace to be found because the sunrise not what you'd hoped, AND you also managed to run out the door without your coffee. The pain is real. :) Photography takes dedication. On the morning I took this image, I had to talk myself out of bed. It'd been raining for about a day and a half... my bed was warm and I hate to be cold for no good reason! I knew that the chances the weather reports were wrong were decent. The forecast called for a break in the clouds about sunrise with a decent amount of rain to follow. Did I *really* want to drive 15 minutes for a maybe? Not really. In fact, I rarely ever want to. But on this morning I forced myself up because I knew, from experience, that if I did not and the sunset was wonderful, I'd regret it. Even as the sun was rising I was dubious. It didn't look very promising. I took my first uninspiring sunrise photo at 6:40 AM and the last, the one you see, at 6:47 AM. Just like that, sunrise came and went as the sun rose above the cloud layer and the sky turned back to gray and the rain began again.   ~Pamela :)

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