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The ability to create is a fantastic gift that we are given.  It is through the creative process that we express ourselves, offer social commentary, show others the beauty they possess as seen through our eyes, and document and show others the beauty of our world that they might not be able to access due to distance or other factors. Having a vision for what you want to create is essential, but so are learning the in-camera techniques and the post processing tools to help you achieve that vision. 

This education section of my website is for you, to help you as you seek to become proficient in the skills and some of the tools available to you. Over time I will cover everything that I can think of to help you not only create images you can be proud of, but I will also touch on subjects such as image management, copyright, and much more. I recall when I first began trying to learn photography on my own. There were *so* many aspects that were totally foreign to me yet I knew I needed to educate myself on them and implement them in order to create the quality of work I wanted. For me, mediocrity is simply not an option.  

The life of the photographer consists of far more than simply aiming a camera and pressing the shutter, it requires a lot of thought, planning, and gathering of knowledge. It is my hope to help you along as best I can.

Below are three videos I created to help you get started.


Happy creating!

Pamela :)


Working Through The Creative Process

This seven minute tutorial allows you to walk alongside me in one scenario as I work on creating an image from a bouquet of roses. In it I discuss failure, how I addressed the issue, and then how I revisited the subject and ultimately created a successful image. 



What’s the Big Deal about the Background?

In the 8 minute tutorial below I discuss and work through some basics relating to fieldwork, particularly the importance of paying attention to background details towards creating more impactful images.



Bringing the Light

What we do as photographers is all about the light. Whether we are adding light, or removing it, light is the critical element. In this nearly six minute tutorial I discuss light, demonstrate how important it is and how sculpting it can positively impact your final image.