Evening Blush- floral photography

Evening Blush ©Pamela Reynoso 2012

I walk by the bush on which this rose grew each weekday as I walk my children to and from school.  It grows in a narrow strip planter on the edge of the blacktop which provides the background in this image.  I had to work a bit to get just the right angle for the shot to show the rose, yet also avoid the red curb at  the far edge of the blacktop. My goal was to  try and capture not only the beauty of the soft light, but also the delicate, almost whimsical edges of the rose petals with their gentle pink blush. Many of the roses have pink splotches, but this one had an almost imperceptible blushing to it which I drew my eye.

Everyday, when the sun begins to set, it  reflects off of the row of neutral colored houses that are beside this bush providing a gentle wash of warm, lovely light. I very much enjoy looking for these fleeting moments which floral photography provides. There is a stillness and serenity that draws me into it where I can forget about life’s demands and just be….

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