‘Haven’ a white rose with shades of eternity


Haven   © Pamela Reynoso 2012


A dear friend (78 yo)  passed away less than 24 hours before I edited this photo from his second battle with cancer. He was a fabulous friend and always a source of encouragement and hands-on-help when at all possible. When anyone needed help, be it extra hands or getting cargo of any sort from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ in NYC, he and his big red Ford truck were at the ready, even if it required re-arranging his schedule. Everyone learned *very* quickly to never, EVER call his vehicle a ‘car’ or else they’d be swiftly set straight! :)

I think Walt and his trusty truck helped our family move no less than 5 times as well as helping we pedestrians with numerous airport runs and anything requiring a vehicle in day to day life in the big city. Walt was the last person to leave our sides, I think it was at least 10PM,  as we were loading up and leaving NYC  on our move back to CA.

There is a subtle, unseen and inescapable, thread in my life that will forever remind me of  Walt, beyond the wonderful, giving person he was. He shared the same birthday as my sister (which also marks the day my dear Mother-In-Law lost her second battle with cancer) and his funeral took place the day before my own birthday (12/10, which is also the day my MIL was first officially diagnosed with cancer).

Walt signed every written communication with “In HIS Grip-” and now he rests, ever in His presence. I am certain Walt heard the phrase “Well done!” as a good a faithful servant.

I have no doubt the courts of heaven are rejoicing at Walt’s presence! We who are left are wiping our tears… and cherishing dear memories.


This is titled ‘Haven’, in remembrance of Walt. The pure white rose is lit perfectly to reflect the true nature of the flower just as Christ’s light lit Walt and shone through him and his unceasing acts of  love and service  towards others.

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