It’s all about the light…a simple fine art photography studio set-up

Generally, when I’m seeking to photograph flowers and nature with fine art photography prints in mind, I shoot as I go. In other words, I do not shoot in a studio. I observe things as I go and I try to find those still moments in nature that might otherwise be obscured by the bigger picture. I try to practice the art of really seeing, trying to find the little, beautiful gems. Life is that way. I find it is composed of many gems hidden amongst the riff-raff of day to day living, the trick can be in finding them and then savoring them. It does not come easily and it takes a lot of practice. At least it does for me. It’s a way of thinking, a way of being. As with many things in life, one never fully arrives…

A few weeks back I bought some flowers for a personal photography project.I bought several varieties as I was unsure which idea I would settle on. I’m a woman and I like to have a choice! Variety is the spice of life, after all. :) Spring is just beginning here so finding flowers in their natural environment did not provide me with enough choices, or the right kind of options that I was looking for. Additionally, where my last backyard had many possibilities of things to photograph, I currently have a minuscule side yard with little in it.

Below is the simple set up I concocted in my dining room (photo taken with my iPhone). I am fortunate to get some great natural light in there in the mornings. Most mornings I sit and enjoy my coffee or tea in the sun filled room. It’s a favorite way to start the day surrounded by one of my favorite colors on the walls. :)

I found two sheer curtain panels from a previous house, safety pinned them to the blinds, moved chairs, re-positioned the table for optimum lighting and set to work. In case you are wondering what’s in my tripod rock bag for counterbalance- two large cans of chicken and a large jar of almond butter. :)

Simple set up for fine art photography

(The mask on the wall is an example of my husband’s artwork found here.)

~Pamela :)

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