Of Locks and Love…

I love locks. I’m not entirely sure why, but I do.

My husband and I were out driving a few days ago in a large estuary near our house. Since I don’t have appropriate lenses to capture birds as I would like, I must  therefore amuse myself in others ways (and try not to be frustrated by “I wish I had…!” )

This row of padlocks on a gate intrigued me. Old and new, various shapes and sizes. I immediately fell in love with the patina and textures of the older locks. I only had my 18-55 and had to make due.

This photo was not the reason we pulled over initially- it was for an entirely different shot. As I _grew bored_ finished with my other shot I took a look around to see if I could discover anything I may not have seen. I saw these locks and continued to scan around thinking to myself, ‘It’s just locks….really?’ I almost left without taking a shot. I’m glad I stopped and that I have a wonderfully patient husband. :)

I should have titled it ‘I’m easily amused’, but opted for “No Trespassing!” instead. :)


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