Quiet Hope, the unassuming Primrose

Quiet Hope, the unassuming Primrose

One day, not long ago we decided to take our children to the nearby park with lake, playground…and dozens of waterfowl.  We had not yet had the opportunity to explore this park in our new town. The children ran off immediately with my husband following them to enjoy the novelty of the duck and geese as well as playing on the playground.

It took me a little longer to make my way across the park to the playground. It usually does when I have my camera in tow. ;)

I enjoy looking for the small moments in time that are fleeting. This little beauty was nestled in the grass at water’s edge.  I’m sure many walked past it and thought nothing of it. After all, it’s just a common weed.
I see hope. The hope of a new day to come with more beauty to bestow upon the careful observer. It is quiet, and it is small, just as hope can be. It’s beauty is evident as the sun graces the delicate petals with a last kiss of light before nightfall. Hope is like that. It is quiet, yet determined. It is delicate, yet unassuming. It may leave, but it comes again.


The blue you see is not a backdrop, but rather the reflection of the sky in the water of the lake. As with any RAW file there have been a few small adjustments to bring the vibrancy of the color back to what the eye saw at the time of the capture.




~Pamela~ :)

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