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Sunset in Suisun, California

Sunset in Suisun, CA

sunset wetlands photo

© 2015 Pamela Reynoso

A few days ago I totally missed a fabulous sunset because I had to do life...the things mothers do. Last night I made dinner, scarfed it down, grabbed my bag and ran even as the color was beginning to appear in the sky. I'm very fortunate to live close to several great locations and headed out to one of my favorites.  As I drove I was assessing the sky and comparing it to what I knew of this location in order to determine my stopping point. Time was short! As I drove I kept thinking "The clouds aren't really where I'd like them, and I'm too late, dangit!". After I had turned around to leave, this scene caught my eye. Time was very limited so I took only about four photos before the light ... was gone. I grew up here and left for over 20 years. Upon returning I vowed to myself not to take this beautiful place, with its distinct smell of wetlands and licorice, for granted. As I was editing this photo, I puzzled over how to crop it...or not. When I get stuck between decisions and determine that I would benefit from the insight of another artist, I don't have to go far.  I'm very fortunate to be able to call upon my husband who is an artist and professor of art and ask his input. It's totally awesome! Sometimes, two heads are certainly much better than one. :) ~Pamela :)

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