The Ocean is Calling…

ocean and rock formation photo

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    The ocean is calling...can't you hear it? I just adore the ocean, I always have.

There is an interesting mix of  tranquility and excitement that just washes over me when I am near the sea.

  I am drawn to the rhythm of the waves, to the sound of the surf, to the awesome power that is below- a surging strength that is not as visible to the eye as it is felt. On this particular trip I stood behind a group of rocks as waves crashed against them, thinking they were a barrier between me and the ocean when a rogue wave came and nearly took me with it as it's power returned to the sea. Despite that experience, I find the ocean to be invigorating and mysterious. I love to bask in it's presence, enjoying the sight, sounds and the smell of the salty air. When I saw this natural bridge of rock at Panther Beach near Santa Cruz, CA, I was in heaven. I've long held a fascination with rocks, their varied colors and textures...their stories...and here was this massive specimen full of everything I have always loved and providing a window to the vast world beyond.

I think it took me at least 20 minutes to actually walk through the arch and onto the beach because I could not stop marveling at the scene before me while taking everything in.

  I also had my camera in hand and my husband likes to regularly remind me that it easily takes me three times as long to walk  ANYwhere when it's at the ready... I have no clue what he's talking about. ;)   ~live,love,laugh Pamela :)

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