The value of humor in the life of the photographer

I’m greatly enjoying life back in California’s photographically rich environment and connecting with fellow photographers- they are a great bunch of people!

 It is said that laughter is the best medicine. It is in that vein that I submit the following. :)

I learned a few lessons on my first beach photo walk a few weeks back that might prove helpful should you find yourself with such an opportunity:

1- If you are trying for a shot with waves crashing around you as you are perched precariously while straddling two separate wet rocks and the thought occurs that the resulting photo will be mediocre at best- go with your gut and get to dry land.

2- If you do not go with your gut and instead try ‘for just one more shot’ be warned- a larger then average wave is headed your way, one which you will not be able to outrun. Instead, it will bring you to your knees. Literally.

3- Boots are great to keep the sand out! And the water in. Trying to empty them will only result in trading water for sand. In equal portions.

4- Bring extra clothing if there is a possibility of getting wet.

5- If you are surrounded by photographers, have one of them take your photo, otherwise you might appear to be bald on top. ;)

6- Misery loves company… as Vincent had the unfortunate distinction of providing me when he got soaked much more thoroughly.

7- Bring lens cleaner and paper for your glasses and camera glass as the pounding, salty surf will make the world very blurry, indeed! Many thanks to Vincent for sharing some cleaner and a lens paper! :)


Oh, and don’t forget to bring your husband with you because he WILL laugh at you as he reminds you that “I told you so” (he did, indeed!) which will help you to then laugh at yourself. :)


~Pamela :)

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